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2011年8月24日 (水)

Writing my blog~ブログば書くとき

Writing a blog is harder than it looks. Trust me. sweat01

You might really be into it at first and think "I can definitely do this!", but then that turns into "Oh, I can do it tomorrow", and finally "I don't feel like writing anything".

That's exactly what happened to me. I was excited at first, but then my mom took me and my sister to all of these fun events and there was so much to write about! delicious And since I have to write this blog in English and Japanese, it takes much longer than I'd like it to. I can write English just fine, because I really like writing, but it takes at least 5x longer to write basically the same thing in Japanese. Funny how changing the language can take so much time.smile




2011年8月 9日 (火)

ピクロスのゲーム~Pikurosu (a puzzle game)

I wonder if anybody else knows about this game called "Pikurosu". It's a game I play on my DS, and it's this puzzle game, where you have to figure out which blocks you have to colour and which you have to get rid of.

There are 3 levels with 10 levels inside with some bonus things too. I found out that there were 369 puzzles in total, and that's including the bonus ones. There were a few bonus levels where it was a big challenge and you had to do multiple pieces to make up a really big puzzle. Some were harder than others, and you could only have 5 chances, and in a limitted time. clockMy uncle got me the game last summer sun as a gift to open on the plane back. airplane

Now, I'm working on getting past all the levels with 3 stars (no mistakes, and within the time limit)




2011年8月 4日 (木)

亀の折り方~How to fold a turtle

  First, you start with a square piece of paper, and it can be any size or design, but you might want to start with a larger piece. 最初には四角の紙で、何のサイズでもいいけど、初めの時は大きい方がいいと思う。


Fold the paper hotdog style, so it looks like a long rectangle.次は半分に折って長四角になるように。


Fold this in half again, so it's a small square.またこれを半分に折って小さい四角にする。


Carefully open up one of the squares and press it down into the shape of a triangle.きおつけて一個の四角を開いて三角になるように下に押し付けて。


Do the same for the other side.反対も同じに折って。


Now fold the top of the triangle to the bottom edge.三角の上ば下の線までおって。


Make a strong crease, and unfold it. You should see a line where you just folded the paper.強く折り目ば付けてから前みたいに直します。


Keeping an eye on the crease (dont't open that part) and open the rest.さっき折った線の上ば開けないで下の方ば開けて。


Press it down to make an (irregular) pentagon.今開いた所ば五角形になるように押し付けて。


Do the same thing on the other side.反対ば同じ用に折って。


Take one side of the pentagon shape, and open it halfway(not past the spuare-like line).五角形の一個のほうばとって、半分ぐらい(四角みたいな所)まで開けて。


Press it down so it turns into a triangle.三角になるように下にまたおさえます。


Do the same for the other 3 sides.あとの三つも同じ用に折ります。


Fold down the two flaps.三角の上の方ば下にまげます。


Then fold down the other flap to the centre line.次に上の三角を真ん中の線まで折ります。


Fold the two flaps back up, then take one and fold it so the bottom is parallel to the bottom edge.二個のフラップをまた上に折ってから、一つを下のエッジと同じの用におります。


Do the same for the other side.反対も同じに。


Take a corner from the side and fold it in to the middle line, like a kite shape.一つのコーナーを真ん中の線まで折ります。


Fold the rest of the corners the same way.同じにあとの三つのコーナーば折ります。


Take one "leg" and open the side so you can fold it up.一つの”足”を上にまげれる用に横ばちょっと開いてまげます。


This side will be the head, so make a small fold about 1/3 of the piece from the top.上から1/3ぐらいで頭を作ります。


Fold the other "leg" up the same way as the head, but no small fold yet.頭のようにもういっこの”足”上に折ります。


This side will be the tail, so make a bigger fold than the head, so the tail points down.こっちはしっぽけんが頭よりもっと大きくまげます。


Now hold both sides with the legs and the piece behind them. 真ん中以外足とその後ろのフォールドば指でもちます。


Hold both sides tightly, and pull up and out, to make the shell.両方ちゃんと持って上にそして横に引っ張ってシェルを作ります。


Now you're done!これで終わり!coldsweats01


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