2011年11月28日 (月)


Dscf1662_2 今日は学校がお休みで朝ごはんを作りました。





2011年8月24日 (水)

Writing my blog~ブログば書くとき

Writing a blog is harder than it looks. Trust me. sweat01

You might really be into it at first and think "I can definitely do this!", but then that turns into "Oh, I can do it tomorrow", and finally "I don't feel like writing anything".

That's exactly what happened to me. I was excited at first, but then my mom took me and my sister to all of these fun events and there was so much to write about! delicious And since I have to write this blog in English and Japanese, it takes much longer than I'd like it to. I can write English just fine, because I really like writing, but it takes at least 5x longer to write basically the same thing in Japanese. Funny how changing the language can take so much time.smile




2011年8月 9日 (火)

ピクロスのゲーム~Pikurosu (a puzzle game)

I wonder if anybody else knows about this game called "Pikurosu". It's a game I play on my DS, and it's this puzzle game, where you have to figure out which blocks you have to colour and which you have to get rid of.

There are 3 levels with 10 levels inside with some bonus things too. I found out that there were 369 puzzles in total, and that's including the bonus ones. There were a few bonus levels where it was a big challenge and you had to do multiple pieces to make up a really big puzzle. Some were harder than others, and you could only have 5 chances, and in a limitted time. clockMy uncle got me the game last summer sun as a gift to open on the plane back. airplane

Now, I'm working on getting past all the levels with 3 stars (no mistakes, and within the time limit)




2011年8月 4日 (木)

亀の折り方~How to fold a turtle

  First, you start with a square piece of paper, and it can be any size or design, but you might want to start with a larger piece. 最初には四角の紙で、何のサイズでもいいけど、初めの時は大きい方がいいと思う。


Fold the paper hotdog style, so it looks like a long rectangle.次は半分に折って長四角になるように。


Fold this in half again, so it's a small square.またこれを半分に折って小さい四角にする。


Carefully open up one of the squares and press it down into the shape of a triangle.きおつけて一個の四角を開いて三角になるように下に押し付けて。


Do the same for the other side.反対も同じに折って。


Now fold the top of the triangle to the bottom edge.三角の上ば下の線までおって。


Make a strong crease, and unfold it. You should see a line where you just folded the paper.強く折り目ば付けてから前みたいに直します。


Keeping an eye on the crease (dont't open that part) and open the rest.さっき折った線の上ば開けないで下の方ば開けて。


Press it down to make an (irregular) pentagon.今開いた所ば五角形になるように押し付けて。


Do the same thing on the other side.反対ば同じ用に折って。


Take one side of the pentagon shape, and open it halfway(not past the spuare-like line).五角形の一個のほうばとって、半分ぐらい(四角みたいな所)まで開けて。


Press it down so it turns into a triangle.三角になるように下にまたおさえます。


Do the same for the other 3 sides.あとの三つも同じ用に折ります。


Fold down the two flaps.三角の上の方ば下にまげます。


Then fold down the other flap to the centre line.次に上の三角を真ん中の線まで折ります。


Fold the two flaps back up, then take one and fold it so the bottom is parallel to the bottom edge.二個のフラップをまた上に折ってから、一つを下のエッジと同じの用におります。


Do the same for the other side.反対も同じに。


Take a corner from the side and fold it in to the middle line, like a kite shape.一つのコーナーを真ん中の線まで折ります。


Fold the rest of the corners the same way.同じにあとの三つのコーナーば折ります。


Take one "leg" and open the side so you can fold it up.一つの”足”を上にまげれる用に横ばちょっと開いてまげます。


This side will be the head, so make a small fold about 1/3 of the piece from the top.上から1/3ぐらいで頭を作ります。


Fold the other "leg" up the same way as the head, but no small fold yet.頭のようにもういっこの”足”上に折ります。


This side will be the tail, so make a bigger fold than the head, so the tail points down.こっちはしっぽけんが頭よりもっと大きくまげます。


Now hold both sides with the legs and the piece behind them. 真ん中以外足とその後ろのフォールドば指でもちます。


Hold both sides tightly, and pull up and out, to make the shell.両方ちゃんと持って上にそして横に引っ張ってシェルを作ります。


Now you're done!これで終わり!coldsweats01


2011年7月31日 (日)


When me and my mom were eating the Castella that my grandparents and uncle left for us, we noticed that the usual crystal-like sugar was missing! coldsweats02 You can get Castella with or without the sugar, but we like it with. When we looked at the rest we had, we could only find about 2 pieces!!! Ahhhhhh! sad



2011年7月27日 (水)

シアトルアンダーグラウンドツアー(July 17)~Seattle Underground Tour

Did you know that the Seattle streets used to be about 1 story lower than they are now?

I learned that, and a whole bunch of other interesting facts from the tour guide at the Seattle Underground Tour. You got to go in this big room that looked like it was still the 1880's-1890's. After a little bit of history about the place, and what it was like, we got split into two groups and got to go underground. foot We saw all these remains from the great fire, and sometimes these old sign and doorways and windows that were still a bit recognizable. door There were even some pictures and an old bathtub!spa And since Seattle used to be at sea level, whenever it was high tide wave, the roads got soaked! So they decided to raise the street level by putting 8' or higher walls on either side of the street, and then filling it in to raise the street by 1 story, therefore making the original 1st floors, basements. Now you can see some skylights in the sidewalk that give light to the tunnels below!

There's a whole lot of facts that I can't even remember, so here's the link to the official website!http://www.undergroundtour.com/index.html

And here's a few photos that we took during the tour.

Dscn1631  Dscn1646 

upThis is the room where one of the people working there explained some of Seattle's history at the beginning, before the tour. これはツアーの前にシアトルの歴史のことばしゃべってくれた部屋。

upwardrightAnd this is one of the skylights from the streetlevel. They actually let in more light than you'd think to the underground.flairそしてこれはストリートレベルのビューからのスカイライト。思うより下のトンネルみたいな所に光が通るよ。

Dscn1865_8  enterThis is my favourite. I got it in the gift shop, and there were a lot more like it. All of them had funny sayings on them such as "I'm not random, I'm just more creative than you." and a bunch of others. happy01私これ大好き。ギフトショップで買った。いっぱい同じ感じのピンもあった。おもしろかった!good



2011年7月22日 (金)

すいかの食べ方~How to eat a Watermelon

Everybody likes watermelon right? Well, I do.deliciousBut how much have you eaten at once? What's the most you've eaten? Because I think I set a new record. No world record, but a record. scissors

One summer when I was at my grandparent's home in Japan, we had a melon. Since melon's aren't too big, my grandma just cut it in half, and gave me and my sister a spoon. We ate it. Ever since then, I always joke that I want to eat a melon or watermelon like that again. restaurant

And so my mom had bought a big (and I mean Big) watermelon to share with the family when they were visiting, we didn't have the chance to eat it. The day after (or 2) I asked my mom if she could cut it in half and if I could eat half with a spoon. I thought she would say no, but she did, because it was very big, and she thought that I wouldn't be able to finish it. But I did. punch Oh ya. wink

Dscn17671  Dscn1793




2011年7月21日 (木)

オーパとの折り紙~Origami w/Opa

What's the most difficult or surprising thing that you can fold with paper?

My grandpa from Japan taught me a whole bunch of things before, but this summer he taught me how to fold a turtle and a frog. They're both pretty hard, but the turtle is easier. The thing that makes it hard to fold is that you need to be very precise when you fold the paper, because you need to make some parts very thin and it's SO much easier when they're precise.

Here's a picture of the ones that I made. (And trust me, my first try at these were a lot worse.coldsweats01)

Origami_turtle Origami_frog_2




松潤のジャケット~the MatsuJun jacket

Guess what I got from my grandma when she was visiting from japan?think

A jacket! That doesn't sound like much, but it is if you know who Matsumoto Jun is, and what his signature colour is. That's right. I got a jacket that's purple, (1 point) and also has a tag that says Jun on it. (2 points!)lovely

Dscn1789_2  Dscn1791

オーマ(日本 のおばあちゃん)が遊びに来た時に何ばもらったかゲスできる?


2011年7月19日 (火)

マリナーズのゲーム~the Mariners game

The 1st day in Seattle, my whole family, along with a couple of friends, went to see the mariners game at Safeco Field. baseball

We had seats on the bottom level underneath the second level, so even if it started raining, we would be able to stay dry. There were a ton of funny fan cam moments, and so in the second half closer to the end, me, my mom and my little sis C went up to the higher seats where there are less people to try to get on the camera. It didn't work though.downWe even had these fans that said "ganbare" and "ichiro" on each side in Japanese.


There were still some pretty amusing people on camera though. One guy had "bad Dancer" on the corner of the screen when he was on! goodThe Mariners ended up losing, but it was a good game. I think Ichiro heard us cheering, because he hit the ball that gave us the only point in the game.flair

Oh ya! And there was a proposal almost right in front of us when we were in the higher stands!ring


chair下のレベルですわれて、ちょうど二階めが上にあるくらいで雨が降り始めてもだいじょうぶな場所でした。rain いっぱいファンキャムに出てきた人がおったけんが自分といっしょにお母さんと妹が上のほうに行ってうちわばもってからカメラに写るように行ったけどうつれなかった。despairあとでまた下の方に帰ったらすごくへんにダンスしよる人がおって、”バッドダンサー”ってスクリーンに出てきた。wink